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So, what is ECO3?

The ECO3 scheme in Scotland (and the wider UK) is the third iteration of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Previously, ECO, ECO2 and ECO2t have been active campaigns to reduce carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty across the UK and more importantly for us, we facilitate ECO3 in Scotland. 

ECO3 is funded by a series of medium and large energy companies operating in the UK in conjunction with the Government and a network of Approved Installers, you can see which companies are involved by clicking here.

Each energy supplier included in the above list (if you clicked the link) has a target based on their existing market share of the domestic energy industry in the UK.

Each of these energy suppliers works closely with Facilitators (like us!), Surveyors and Approved Installers to introduce energy efficient systems into homes in Scotland (and wider UK) at either a massively discounted cost or depending on entitlement - absolutely free!

Without getting overly technical, ECO3 has a singular obligation which is often summarised as HHCRO. HHCRO is an acronym for Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation, essentially this is in place to ensure that the systems that are installed will reduce the cost in your energy bill.

For a more comprehensive idea of what the ECO3 grant is and what it entails, Ofgem (the Government body overseeing gas & electricity) have published documentation that covers the entire grant. You can read that by clicking here.

If you're interested in getting access to the ECO3 scheme in Scotland, fill out our Eligibility Checker by clicking the link below!

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