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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ECO3?

ECO3 is the third evolution of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), for more information you should check out What is ECO3?. Our blog is also filled with articles regarding ECO3 and other government grants that are available for home improvements!

Q. Can I only get a grant if my supplier is on the list?

No. Any obligated supplier can deliver measures to any domestic premises in England, Wales and Scotland, provided the eligibility criteria are met. Speaking of eligibility, why not fill out our Eligibility Checker and see if you qualify!

Q. If I don't qualify for a free grant, what are my options?

The grants are available to those receiving certain benefits to help replace their old, inefficient heating & insulation systems with newer, more eco friendly options. If you don't qualify for completely free work, don't fret. There are part funded options! On average, the typical gas boiler installation from new will cost around £2,200. We'll do everything we can to make sure you don't pay anywhere near that. Boilers are one of the biggest contributors to your energy bill – the more efficient your boiler, the more heat it produces from each unit used. A new boiler on average saves between £100-£300 per year on your bill!

Q. I'm a private tenant, can I still qualify?

You may be able to have ECO3 measures installed if you are a tenant living in privately rented premises and you meet the relevant eligibility criteria. To do so you must gain consent from your landlord.

Q. What are the benefits of using the ECO3 Grant?

The benefits really are huge, you can see 4 great reasons why here: You're either getting a free (or very near free), brand new, eco friendly boiler. You're also getting free installation of the boiler. With a more efficient boiler, you could save up to £300 per year! Property value is almost always overlooked here. In a study carried out by GoCompare & Henry Prior in 2018, a new boiler adds on average £6000-£8000 to your property!

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