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5 Reasons To Use Government Grants to Improve Your Home

Unlike a loan, a grant doesn’t need to be paid back. 

By using these grants you get access to a number of home improvements that (in most cases) doesn’t cost you anything and allows you to have the benefits of a recently energy enhanced home without the big price tag. 

For most improvements, full funding is available. 

This means that by using a facilitator like Keeping You Toasty we can help you understand if you qualify for full funding meaning the entire works are carried out using grants that help the organisations who offer these grants to achieve their goals. With ECO3 for example, this is offered by the domestic energy companies of the UK making an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and fuel poverty. 

You will save money every month going forward on your bills. 

These grants exist to make sure that you save money going forward, by design they must offer savings to you. 

As an example, with Cavity Wall Insulation you could save up to £245/year and with a new boiler you could expect between £200-£500/year depending on the current heating systems you own. Both of these options have fully funded grants available to most home owners, allowing you to save up to £745 in a YEAR. Fancy a bigger holiday next year? Good – £745 goes a long way towards that!

Why not take 3 minutes to fill out our Eligibility Checker and understand if you’re eligible?

Improvements add value to the home you own.

Something that’s often overlooked by people who are looking to do home improvements is the level of value that these add your property.

As an example, we’ve helped over 50 people between July – October 2020 get a fully funded, top of the range Worcester-Bosch boiler installed. This never cost our customers a penny, but in a home valued at £200,000 will add between £4,000-7,000 to the value of the home at sale. 

Using a facilitator (like us) takes out the hard, time consuming work and doesn’t cost you a penny.

By using a facilitator like us you get the whole picture, by following our easy 6 step process you will understand within 2 business days what you’re entitled to and the savings you could see month on month should the works be carried out.