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Keeping You Toasty

We help people to gain access to Energy Saving Solutions & Free Boiler Grants in Scotland


How do I get access to free boiler grants in Scotland?

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It's easy - check your eligibility!

Big energy businesses have set aside upwards of £8bn to ensure that people have access to home improvement grants in Scotland. Take our eligibility checker to see if you qualify for full funding today! You can read the Ofgem ECO3 Paper by clicking here.

Understanding The Process

Step 1

Congratulations - you've done the hard work and managed to find us! You can read more about us by clicking on our About Us page.

Step 2

Fill out our online eligibility checker (less than 3 minutes) to understand what home improvement grants you're entitled to.

Step 3

We'll call you to discuss your grant entitlement and book in an initial property survey with our field team, free of charge.

Step 4

Discuss the findings of the survey and approve the home improvement works that you're eligible for.

Step 5

Home improvements are carried out on the agreed date with one of our Government Approved installation teams, all with strict COVID-19 guideline adherence.

Step 6

Enjoy your Toasty home at either a hugely reduced or entirely free cost. Check your inbox for details on our referral bonus!

Home Improvement Grants in Scotland Available Now

Boilers & Heating Systems

Studies by Money Super Market show that a boiler offers the best Return on Investment on a property when carrying out home improvements. On a £200,000 property we expect a value increase of between £4000-£7000. By working with Keeping You Toasty you could be eligible for free boiler grants in Scotland, if you don't qualify for an entirely funded grant, part funded grants are available and very popular. Take 3 minutes today and fill out our Eligibility Checker to understand if you're eligible for free boiler grants in Scotland.

Home Insulation Solutions

Did you know that roughly 35% of your heating in your home escapes through the walls? Cavity wall insulation helps to reduce that percentage, alongside reducing strain on your boiler and overall lowering your energy bills. Approximately, if you live in a 3 bedroom house you can expect to gain a 20% reduction in your energy bill after cavity wall insulation! What makes this even better is that it's a very quick process and shouldn't take more than a day. Take 3 minutes to find if you're eligible for a free cavity wall insulation grant in Scotland.

Government Approved Funding

By 2022, the UK has made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gasses by up to 80%. In order to do this, efficient heating systems and a properly insulated property are absolutely fundamental. In order to fund this, large energy companies in the UK have committed a figure based on their share of the domestic energy market to offer home improvement grants. You can read more about this on the Scottish Government site by clicking here.

What is ECO 3?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was a grant launched in 2013, currently on the third iteration (ECO3). You can learn more about this by clicking here to view our What is ECO 3 page. Essentially, ECO3 is a grant to help aid get greenhouse gasses in the UK down, however it also helps address fuel poverty among lower income UK residents and makes people think in a more sustainable and ECO-Friendly manner. You're only 3 minutes away from free boiler grants in Scotland!

Do I qualify?

To qualify for these home improvement grants in Scotland you must be living in private accommodation that's registered for domestic use, ideally you own the property but a private rented property is still eligible as long as the landlord of the property agrees. This benefits both the tenant and the landlord as the tenant experiences a lower energy bill and the landlord adds value to their property. You can read more on our blog for other benefits!

Tips to Keep You Toasty for Less

ECO3 Information Money Saving

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